Welcome to Danceofcolorart.com

My goal is that these creations will somehow touch on the depth of this human experience and bring forth a smile.  The world around us has so much joy and pain.  My attempt is to share the pervasive power and bliss of the human spirit.  That which is our life force.  I am grateful to share these inspirations and hope that they will uplift the viewer. 

I was born drawing and painting.  There was not a television in the house but art supplies, books, and the great outdoors.  I loved getting lost in the present moment and seeing what colors, movement, and images flowed onto the paper.  This amazing internal world did not contain time or language, just absolute freedom. Thus, I became addicted and vowed to always create art.

Life’s  journey led to a B.A. in the visual arts and adventures abroad.  The best education and inspiration came from traveling, especially in other cultures.  A personal favorite is anywhere that kisses  a tropical  sea and lures me with that exotic vibrancy of color and movement.  The fusion of dancing color constantly finds its way into my artwork.  The roller coaster of life continues but so does the promise to always create.  Please enjoy!